3 Ways to Be a Great Candidate During Your Job Search

3 Ways to Be a Great Candidate During Your Job Search

3 Ways to Be a Great Candidate During Your Job Search

As an experienced clinician, your skills are in demand. There is no shortage of opportunities for you to consider. But the less time you spend on your search, the more time you have to focus on your practice. Your recruiter will do much of the legwork – finding the position that matches your specialty and experience, listening to you to understand the professional environments you prefer and facilitating communication with the employer. You can take measures to be a great candidate, make your search faster and easier, and avoid needless delays.

Have Your Credentials Ready

Generally speaking, your recruiter will take responsibility for making sure your credentials are in order so you can move along in the hiring process. You can make their job easier and get to work faster by providing them with copies of all documentation required by the state board where your new job is located. Keep relevant certificates, transcripts, and other records where they are easily accessible so you can produce them quickly when asked. Electronic or scanned documentation can be stored online using a cloud-based service such as Dropbox, iCloud or Evernote. Keep it simple by emailing copies to yourself, and you can quickly forward them to the recruiter when they request them.

Communicate With Your Recruiter

Your relationship with the recruiter can be a valuable part of your medical career. Be honest about what would interest you in an opportunity and what will be a dealbreaker. It’s essential to communicate openly with your recruiter. While you know your specialty, they have relationships with dozens of hiring managers and can help you find the right fit. Talk to them about what you want now and your long-term medical career goals.

Complete Documentation On Time

The quicker all required paperwork is returned to the recruiter, the faster you can get to work. There are often documentation or clarification requirements every step along the way. Responding as quickly as possible to your recruiter can prevent slowdowns in the process. Be sure not to skip fields in any forms your recruiter asks you to complete. Double-check that you have submitted all documentation needed for credentialing and respond to any questions. Be sure the contact information for your references is up to date. Give them a heads-up that they can expect a call or email to ensure they are prepared and understand the urgency of the request.

Work With A Great Recruiter!

Annashae is a Nationwide Medical Staffing and Consulting Firm experienced in placing skilled clinicians in the ideal opportunity. Our recruiters are experts in moving candidates quickly through the hiring process, but they need timely candidate input to keep the process moving on schedule. If you’re ready to explore your medical career options, view our current job opportunities today!