Don’t Stress Over Credentialing…The Best Recruiters Will Handle It For You

Don't stress over credentialing...The best recruiters will handle it for you

Don’t Stress Over Credentialing…The Best Recruiters Will Handle It For You

Credentialing is the critical first step in putting a healthcare provider to work in a facility. It’s the process through which the qualifications of medical professionals are verified so that employers can be assured the healthcare provider is who they say they are and has the training to care for patients. Credentialing helps employers limit liability, reduce malpractice, and ensure patient safety.

Here are a Few Things Recruiters Can Handle During the Credentialing Process

They Verify Information Like:

  • Education
  • Training, including residency and fellowship
  • Licenses
  • Dates of employment
  • Driver’s license/ID
  • Immunization records
  • DEA certificates

The credentialing process can be lengthy and time-consuming, which is why many locum tenens physicians choose to work with a staffing firm. Many staffing firms (like Annashae!) offer medical licensing and credentialing support to save busy doctors the time and hassle of filling out tedious forms and chasing down information.

They are Experts in the Field

Staying on top of the process is the key to success. Your recruiter is familiar with the requirements of their healthcare employment partners in various states and can keep you aware of deadlines. Many healthcare staffing and consulting firms use credentialing software to keep track of the process, reduce errors, and eliminate repeated steps. Your recruiter can speed up the credentialing process by responding to requests for information promptly and solving problems as they occur—or at least keep it from getting bogged down!

They Can Handle the Following:

Gather documents. Most state boards will require copies of all certificates, transcripts, and other records, so it pays to gather these documents and keep them in a central location. Consider scanning them and keeping them in a cloud-based location, so that they can be ready for review quickly and easily.

Track malpractice claim history. A recruiter can help you find and obtain all insurance information and malpractice face sheets. If a malpractice claim has been reported, your recruiter can help get the necessary details from the insurance company.

Order a background check. A national background check is par for the course for every locums physician. Your recruiter will likely have a relationship with a company that can handle the background check quickly and efficiently.

Expedite licensing. If eligible, many physicians apply for expedited licensure through the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, which can shorten the state licensure process by using information from an existing license.

Verify primary-source credentials. Verifying licensures is a crucial part of the credentialing process. Your recruiter will have established contacts and know the most efficient way to ease your way through this time-consuming process.

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Your Annashae recruiter will help take the stress out of the credentialing process, allowing you to focus on choosing your next assignment! Our medical licensing and credentialing support can save you time and hassle, especially if you’re working full-time while planning your locums career.

Enjoy flexible scheduling, new environments, various medical settings while we worry about the paperwork. Contact us for credentialing help today.