The Value in Developing a Strong Personal Relationship with Your Medical Recruiter

The Value in Developing a Strong Personal Relationship with Your Medical Recruiter

The Value in Developing a Strong Personal Relationship with Your Medical Recruiter

The staffing industry is known for exceptional relationship building, and this is particularly true with medical staffing and recruiting.  

Placing candidates in mission-critical roles requires a personal relationship built on trust and mutual respect. Developing a personal relationship with your medical recruiter can have advantages at every stage of your career.  

By getting to know you better, an experienced recruiter can provide: 

Exceptional Matches

A physician recruiter will learn your skills, experience, and goals to find the best roles for you. They will understand your specialty and the healthcare industry and suggest the best practice settings based on your personality and interests. Due to their established provider network, physician recruiters often have inside information about unadvertised job opportunities. They also understand what employers are seeking in candidates and can offer feedback on your CV, provide tips on how best to present yourself during interviews, and help you choose assignments to fill experience gaps on your resume. 

Ongoing Support

The recruiter/physician relationship doesn’t end once you accept an assignment. Your recruiter will likely help with travel arrangements, housing, licensing, credentialing, and other technical aspects. If you run into difficulties with your assignment, they will want to know and help solve any problems. You can count on them to have your best interest at heart and to advocate for you not just during contract negotiations but during the length of your assignment. When your role ends, they will want you to provide feedback so they can make an even better match for you next time. 

Career Guidance

Physician recruiters are aware of trends and new opportunities in the healthcare industry and can guide you toward assignments where you will be exposed to new skills and technology. If you share your goals with your recruiter, they can help you build a path—assignment by assignment—in the direction you want to go. They can also help you maximize your compensation with their access to information salary in your chosen specialty and region. 

A Retirement Plan

Having an established personal relationship with a recruiter can come in handy when you near retirement. Many physicians choose to work locum tenens toward the end of their careers. A recruiter who is already versed in your skills and preferences will be able to find superior assignments that help you make the transition while keeping your skills sharp and earning extra retirement income. 

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