3 Benefits of Staying Active in the Medical Field Once You’ve Retired

3 Benefits of Staying Active in the Medical Field Once You've Retired

3 Benefits of Staying Active in the Medical Field Once You’ve Retired

If you are a retired physician, you may be wondering why you should consider hanging onto your stethoscope. Maybe retirement isn’t turning out just like you expected and you are searching for purpose and a way to earn some extra cash. Staying active can benefit your health by giving you purpose and a reason to put on your walking shoes.

You Choose the Stress

We all know that too much stress is not good for us. We also know that some stress is necessary, in a good way, so we feel alive and like we are contributing to the world around us. One way you can continue to change lives as a retired doctor, yet choose how much you want to do, is to become a locum tenens physician.

Our staffing agency will be happy to tell you more about this unique opportunity and help you become credentialed so you can begin traveling as much or as little as you choose.

Share Your Expertise

You know a lot of things about a lot of topics. Why not take on a part-time consultant role and share what you know with your local hospital, nursing home or medical supplies company? You could get paid to evaluate medical claims through the Social Security Administration. Sharing our expertise helps us to feel like we are still relevant in an ever-changing society and benefits others so that they can learn.


As a hospitalist, you can specialize in helping patients who are hospitalized. For example, if your specialty is pediatrics, you can provide care to children who are ill and in the hospital. In this way, you help bridge the gap between the primary care doctor, the hospital, and possibly the emergency room. Hospitalists have a very important role in our healthcare system. As a retired physician, this role would allow you to continue to influence the lives of others and also acquire some continuing financial resources beyond your pension.

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If you have decided you want to “unretire” and work a few hours when you can, our team at Annashae Healthcare Staffing and Consulting can help. Whether it’s helping you become a locum tenens doctor or find meaningful employment on your terms with a local hospital or other medical organization, let our recruiters help you find what you’re looking for today. Contact us to get started.