The Benefits of a Locum Tenens Physician Position

Locum Tenens Physician Positions

The Benefits of a Locum Tenens Physician Position

Locum tenens work is an attractive option for doctors just beginning their careers, mid-career physicians who need an alternative to private practice or full-time employment, and physicians coming out of (or transitioning into) retirement.

Why work as a locum tenens physician?


Because life isn’t always predictable.

Perhaps your hectic, full-time physician job requires too much time away. Maybe you have student loans to pay or an itch to explore the world.

A locum tenens position can allow you the flexibility to have work-life balance, make more money, and enjoy new experiences while using the credentials you worked so hard to attain.

Here are 5 key benefits of locum tenens work:

1. Extra income.

You can earn above-average pay for assignments you choose. Part-time opportunities and weekend work allow you to make extra cash to put toward loans or financing a private practice.

2. Increased flexibility. 

You can choose between short- and long-term assignments to create your own schedule or work only part-time or on weekends. If the position isn’t a good fit, you can make a different choice for your next role.

3. Greater variety. 

A greater range of assignments allows variety in:

  • Cases:As a locum tenens doctor, you are exposed to a wide variety of hospital settings and patient care scenarios.
  • Environments:With a nationwide need for doctors, you can change settings often as a locum tenens provider.
  • Opportunities: Choosing varied work means having the opportunity to explore new professional paths, make new contacts, and learn new skills.

4. Travel opportunities. 

Medical care is desperately needed worldwide, and you can choose locum tenens assignments based on where you want to visit. The best locum tenens staffing firms can help with credentialing and travel arrangements to further simplify your experience.

5. Personal satisfaction.

Working as a locum tenens doctor means going where you are needed—and wanted—to use your skills to help people in need. You’ll also work with a staff who is glad you’ve arrived on site, adding even more enjoyment to the experience.

There are many reasons to choose locum tenens assignments in the medical field. Suppose the administrative hassles of a traditional physician job are wearing you down or you’re retired and want to explore different states. In that case, a locum tenens position can provide a change of pace and a challenging way to develop new skills.

Considering employment as a locum tenens physician? 


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