Ready For Something New in 2022? How To Change Careers as a Physician in Health Care

How To Change Careers as a Physician in Health Care

Ready For Something New in 2022? How To Change Careers as a Physician in Health Care

With a new year approaching, some physicians in the healthcare industry might be ready for a new adventure. Are you considering a career change? Perhaps the challenges of the past few years have left you feeling burned out on your current specialty, but you still want to use your skills. Maybe you need a more flexible schedule, want to experience a different professional setting, or feel a little stir crazy and want to travel.

If you’re considering changing directions in healthcare in 2022, use these tips to get off to a great start:

Inventory your skills. What training or education do you have that you can bring to bear in a new medical specialty or environment? Think about your current job areas that you enjoy and perform well. You might want to consider a position that combines your skills and interest in a new and challenging way. On the other hand, perhaps you’re ready for something new and want to expand your skillset with a temporary role in a related medical field.

List your career goals and job needs. Examine your reasons for wanting a career change and make a list of desirable goals for a new position. Include things like compensation, scheduling, and benefits. Identify factors that will positively impact your life and prioritize them in your search.

Research the field. Once you’ve identified medical settings that fit your criteria, do a little homework. Talk to colleagues or search online for personal accounts of doctors who work in that field. Gathering information will help clarify your job criteria.

Network. Colleagues, acquaintances, and professional associates can be a great source of information during a job search. Although you might not want to advertise that you’re thinking about making a job change, discreet inquiries on social media could net valuable connections. You never know when knowing the right person could result in a new job lead. Tap your network to gain information about local opportunities, check online job boards, or reach out to a staffing firm for help finding the right role.

Volunteer or shadow. There is no substitute for experience. Once you know what medical setting you might enjoy, consider volunteering in a similar role or asking to shadow for a day and observe what it’s really like in that professional setting.

Consult a staffing agency. Recruiters at healthcare staffing firms are tapped into the best jobs available in the industry. They will explore your skills, experience, and interests and match you with exciting job opportunities, including locum tenens physician roles. Many staffing agencies offer help locums with credentialing and travel-related issues.

Looking to make a career change in healthcare?

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