Why Choose Annashae For Your Locum Tenens Staffing?

Why Choose Annashae For Your Locum Tenens Staffing? Annashae

Why Choose Annashae For Your Locum Tenens Staffing?

As a healthcare administrator, hiring manager, or HR professional, you know that searching for the right candidates can be stressful, time-consuming, confusing, and at times, frustrating.

With January now upon us, it’s time to flesh out your staffing strategies for the first quarter of 2024. Part of these strategies may include seeking out and hiring highly qualified locum tenens medical professionals.

The good news is, when it comes to finding a great locum hire, you don’t have to go it alone.

At Annashae Staffing, our job is to connect physicians and advanced practitioners with a wide range of clients within the healthcare field.

And we’ve been at it since 1980, when our company was founded by a group of healthcare practitioners who understood the need for healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics, and practices to find highly-trained medical professionals – on either a full-time, part-time, or locum tenens basis.

Ever since our beginnings, we’ve been dedicated to delivering employment flexibility and peace of mind to our many clients.

Experienced Provider of Highly Qualified Locum Tenens Professionals

When seeking out a recruiter, it’s best to engage with an experienced organization that really understands healthcare and specializes in it. 

Annashae provides locum tenens medical staffing solutions based on our long-standing commitment to enabling the best possible fit between healthcare workers and facilities.

Working with Annashae for your locum tenens hiring needs means leveraging a professional staffing firm that understands the locum marketplace and can help alleviate the stress you might feel when searching for the right fit for your needs.

Our experienced professionals are in the trenches on a daily basis, ready to help medical employers save time, find better candidates, and strengthen their bottom line.

We understand that locum tenens professionals offer an immediate and cost-effective solution to today’s staffing shortages – and we have the experience and professional network to help find the right candidates quickly and efficiently.

Hiring a locum provider is also a great solution to compensate for physician burnout – and a variety of our clients work with us to provide experienced locum tenens physicians who can provide staff doctors with some much-needed time off.

Speeding Up the Hiring Process

The best medical recruiters work as an extension of your hospital or organization. Moreover, not all recruiting firms – or recruiters – are created equal. That’s why it’s important to ensure you choose wisely and work with a firm that has real experience in the healthcare industry.

At Annashae, we leverage an extensive network of experienced practitioners that includes the most qualified candidates – offering a variety of clinical and professional expertise. Having access to our extensive network enables us to quickly identify the best candidates for your job opening – and successfully work alongside our clients all through the hiring process.

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At Annashae we’re dedicated to the placement of highly-skilled clinical practitioners in short and long-term positions. As a nationwide medical staffing and consulting firm, we provide a range of services that enable our candidates to quickly find the career opportunity that fits their needs. For information on how you can further your clinical career, contact us today.