5 Ways to Nail Your Locum Tenens Interview

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5 Ways to Nail Your Locum Tenens Interview

For a locum tenens physician, the interview process can be a make or break endeavor.

That’s because quite often a locum will only have one chance to make a great impression and land the assignment. So whether you’re meeting with a hiring manager or recruiter in a video format or in person, being prepared is the key to success.

Here are five tried and true tips to help you ace your interview:

  1. Do your Research

 One of the best ways to ease interview anxiety is to do your homework before the interview starts – and a key part of that is to take time to thoroughly research a company. Start with the hospital, health system, or practice’s website. Read their mission statement and learn about the executive team. Look at their current press releases – this is a great source of information that can be helpful in your interview. All of this will help you to impress your interviewer while gaining a good sense of how well you’d fit in with the organization.

  1. Understand the Job Description

 Having a clear understanding of the job description will help your confidence level during the interview. Based on the description, prepare answers to potential questions. Think about examples from your past locum tenens assignments that align with the current requirements. Write them out and go over them prior to your meeting. Being prepared will enable you to focus on how the assignment fits within your skill set – while keeping you out of those uncomfortable “gotcha” questions.

  1. Ask Pertinent Questions

Having a few well thought-out questions to ask your potential employer is important. Because after all, you’re also interviewing them! Do your research about the company, check out the company online – then formulate questions that will show that you’re the right physician to hire. A few sample questions include: “What are the Day to Day Expectations?”, “Tell Me More About the Company”, “Describe the Culture”, “What are the Next Steps?”. Use these examples as a guide as you think more about the opportunity, the organization and what you’re looking for as a locum.

  1. Be On Time!

It goes without saying that being late to an interview – whether it’s in person on online – is a recipe for not getting the assignment. Think about it – if you’re running late, you’re already stressed – and you haven’t even spoken to the hiring manager yet! So be on time – around 15 minutes early. It not only enables you to gather your thoughts but lets the hiring manager know you’re serious about the assignment. Showing up late – unless there’s a legitimate reason – will ensure someone else getting the gig.

  1. Don’t Forget to Follow Up

While email is an acceptable medium for a thank you message, a hand written note also makes a great impression. Some staffing experts even encourage candidates to sit down in the lobby immediately after the interview and write the note. Make sure to include specifics from the interview and express your enthusiasm for the locum position and the organization.

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