The Top Locations for Locum Jobs in 2023

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The Top Locations for Locum Jobs in 2023

Being a locum tenens physician can be an exciting adventure.

While the pay, perks, and opportunities for career fulfillment factor into why a locum career can be so rewarding, part of the fun is figuring out where you want your next assignment to be.

So with plans for Fall not far off, here are some of the top locations with the highest demand for locum tenens physicians in 2023.

  1. California

While parts of California are highly populated, many areas are rural with limited access to healthcare. Currently, around seven million Californians live in areas with a shortage of primary care physicians – which means demand for doctors across all specialties will continue to grow. If you like the outdoors, California offers ample opportunities, with more than 1,000 miles of beaches, 280 state parks, and access to snow skiing.

  1. Florida

If you’re looking for an assignment that feels like you’ve landed on a tropical beach, Florida is a great choice.  It’s also an excellent opportunity for locum physicians looking to enhance their careers. Due to the growing physicians shortage, and an aging and growing population,  Florida is turning to locum tenens physicians for many specialties, including higher-paying specialties such as orthopedics and cardiology.

  1. Illinois

Chicago is a great choice for locum doctors, but rural parts of Illinois are currently facing a physician shortage that’s growing every year. That leaves rural residents with long waits for primary care physicians and specialists. Locum physicians offer a great solution – bringing the experience to take care of a variety of patients. In addition, the higher payrate for locum physicians can make it financially worthwhile to work in rural areas of the state.

  1. Washington

The number of physicians in Washington State is growing, particularly in primary care. However, the number of physicians isn’t proportionately distributed across counties. In fact, Washington is home to four of the 15 U.S. counties with the highest physician shortages. Of course, it’s a great location to enjoy the outdoors – and with the vibrant nightlife of Greater Seattle, Washington offers the best of both worlds.

  1. New York

In many parts of the state, the population is aging faster than the rest of the U.S., with a shortage of physicians projected to get worse. New York City has seen the most significant increase in its physician shortage. This includes cardiovascular, psychiatry, urology, ophthalmology, and other surgical specialties. New York City is the Center of the Universe, but the State also has lots to explore — from Niagara Falls to the Hudson Valley.

  1. Missouri

Missouri has a growing population, yet many rural hospitals have closed. The state has invested millions toward reducing physician shortages but currently there are fewer than 60 doctors for every 100,000 rural Missourians. Virtually every county is short of primary care providers, so to attract locum physicians the state pays 122% of the nation median.

  1. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s physician shortage isn’t as dire as in some states, but it still predicts a shortage of 1,039 primary care physicians by 2030. This has increased demand for locum tenens family medicine, urgent care, and emergency medicine physicians.  Pennsylvania is also a great place to visit – whether exploring American history, or enjoying the outdoors, there’s lots to like in Pennsylvania.

  1. Wisconsin

Wisconsin has an aging population with an increasing demand for medical care. In the next few years, ten counties will have populations where more than 40% of people are 60 and older. This requires more primary care doctors and specialists for the unique medical needs of an aging population. For outdoor lovers, Wisconsin boasts more than 15,000 lakes, including Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.

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