Happy National Locum Tenens Week from Annashae

Happy National Locum Tenens Week from Annashae

Happy National Locum Tenens Week from Annashae

National Locum Tenens Week is a week-long event dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the contributions of locum tenens healthcare professionals throughout the United States.

During National Locum Tenens Week, Annashae would like to put the spotlight on the numerous locum tenens physicians we work with who are essential to healthcare facilities throughout the country. And without whom, many understaffed and underserved healthcare facilities and areas would not have effective medical care.

About National Locum Tenens Week

From August 14th to August 18th, the healthcare industry will come together to honor the dedication and adaptability of locum tenens professionals during National Locum Tenens Week.

Locum Tenens practitioners are the backbone of today’s mobile healthcare landscape, and serve as connectors, stepping in when healthcare facilities face staffing gaps. They ensure that patient care remains uninterrupted, and of the highest quality, making them an integral part of the healthcare landscape today and for years to come.

A Week of Appreciation

This year’s National Locum Tenens Week is the perfect time for the healthcare community to express our gratitude. At Annshae, we’d like to personally recognize the dedication, adaptability, and commitment demonstrated by locum tenens professionals on a daily basis. Without them, the healthcare world would look far different in 2023.

Whether it’s providing coverage during staff shortages or bringing expertise to underserved areas, their contributions are invaluable. This was clearly exemplified during the pandemic.

How Annashae Supports Locum Tenens

At Annashae, we understand the significance of National Locum Tenens Week. Our commitment to delivering employment flexibility and competitive pay aligns with the spirit of this event. We take pride in supporting locum tenens professionals who play a vital role in ensuring seamless healthcare services.

Contact Us Today

Should you be interested in learning more about the locum tenens opportunities we have available, or if you’re looking to add locum tenens professionals for your healthcare facility, we invite you to contact us at your convenience. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in finding the right fit for your staffing needs.

And again, a big thank you to all of the hard-working locum tenens professionals out there that keep our facilities going!