Evaluating Job Offers: Key Factors to Consider for Physicians

Evaluating Job Offers: Key Factors to Consider for Physicians Annashae

Evaluating Job Offers: Key Factors to Consider for Physicians

Job changes can be stressful – whether you’ve been practicing for years or have just completed your residency. That’s why there are many factors to consider and decisions to make before accepting a new position.

Here are six key areas physicians should consider during their job search:

1. Is This a Good Culture Fit?

Regardless of experience and career history, any candidate being considered for a role should believe in the organization’s core values. If possible, talk with physicians who work with the prospective employer about the work environment. If you’re considering a job with a hospital, tour the facility and, if possible, talk with clinical staff to get their thoughts on the working conditions, culture, etc.

2. Salary Is Important…But It Isn’t Everything

 With big paychecks come big expectations. And while you probably feel you’re up for just about anything, you may find yourself being asked to do too much, too fast, and out of the realm of your expertise.

While taking a clinical position based only on a high salary may sound great, if the job doesn’t take advantage of your strengths and expertise, you’re not likely to thrive – and money won’t make up for it. Professionals who use their strengths in their career are three times more likely to enjoy an excellent quality of life, six times more likely to be engaged at work, and 15% less likely to quit their jobs according to a Gallup survey.

3. Is It the Right Location?

 Are you looking for a short commute, scenic beauty, or a bustling city with lots of recreational activities? When evaluating job offers remember to consider what you and your family are looking for in the way of commute, schools, shopping, entertainment, sports teams, and access to recreation.

 4. Ask About the Turnover Rate

 What is your potential healthcare employer’s monthly employee turnover rate? This is a great question to ask your recruiter since they can provide job insights not available to you. If you find there are many physicians leaving the practice, this should be a warning sign since healthcare recruiting and staffing is costly and most employers do whatever it takes to retain good professionals.

5. What are the Growth Opportunities?

If you have aspirations of achieving a leadership role, make sure it’s included in your negotiations with any potential employer. Make your career goals clear in order to ensure they’re being considered by employers. When evaluating offers, you should think about where you want to be three or five years down the road – and decide if the potential job will fit into your long-term plans.

6. Confirm Your Schedule

For most physicians, having a flexible schedule can be a real plus when it comes to your practice and lifestyle outside the clinic. There’s more to life than work, so consider what your potential schedule will look like and discuss the level of control you’ll have should you accept the position.

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