5 Myths About Locum Tenens Positions

5 Myths About Locum Tenens Positions Annashae

5 Myths About Locum Tenens Positions

There are many misconceptions about becoming a locum tenens professional.

While any physician, RN, NP, or healthcare worker should be careful about the career choices they make, going the locum tenens route can be a very positive move.

Locum positions are currently in high demand around the country, and many travelers enjoy generous pay, excellent benefits, paid housing, a wide range of choices for assignments, and the ability to take time off between gigs.

Here are some common myths about a travel healthcare career – while revealing the truth behind the misconceptions.


Myth #1: Locums Assignments Look Unprofessional On a CV

It‘s a common misconception that having numerous positions within a short time span can keep you from landing future jobs. However, because of the high number of travel positions, multiple short assignments can actually serve as a benefit. In the eyes of a hospital HR manager, numerous travel healthcare opportunities signify diverse experience, comfort with handling multiple responsibilities, and the ability to adapt to various settings quickly and efficiently.

Myth #2: Locum Assignment are Unstable

Due to the nature of travel roles, where assignments are temporary, it’s normal for someone contemplating locum tenens to be nervous about job security. Yet in recent years, assignments have become longer. The most common locum tenens assignment duration for physicians ranges from five weeks to six months. It’s also not unusual for a hospital or practice to offer a locum tenens physician a permanent job at the end of their assignment. Such employment offers are more common in rural areas, especially when the doctor’s specialty is in high demand.

Myth #3: Locum Tenens is Just for Older Doctors

The truth is that locum professionals run the gamut – from seasoned veterans to young providers fresh out of residency. For some recent graduates, becoming a locums is an excellent way to get their foot in the door and practice medicine – while deciding on where they want their career to go long term.  For a more experienced doctor, locum tenens offers an opportunity to back away from a fulltime hospital setting – while continuing to practice medicine.

Myth #4: Only Poorly Managed Health Facilities Hire Locums

Healthcare facilities all over the nation struggle with a shortage of qualified professionals. Being short-staffed isn’t because they can’t attract or retain employees – there simply aren’t enough to go around. In fact hospitals and health facilities in big cities and small towns are on the lookout for travelers, so you could enjoy working in some of the top places in the nation.

Myth #5: You Never Get to Really Know your Patients

One of the attractions to locum tenens is having less administrative paperwork to deal with. A recent poll found that 46% of physicians believe this is the best way to reduce burnout. Less paperwork provides physicians with more time to practice their craft – which means more quality time treating patients. Locum tenens physicians collectively cite the ability to get back to “true medicine” as a tremendous perk.

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