Best States for Locum Tenens Physicians In 2023

Best States for Locum Tenens Physicians In 2023 Annashae

Best States for Locum Tenens Physicians In 2023

Being a locum tenens physician is an exciting adventure – both professionally and on a personal level.

While the pay, perks and other benefits factor into why a travel gig can be a great fit, part of the fun is figuring out where you want your next assignment to be.

When choosing a location, remember what you like to do in your free time. Do you want a major city or a small town? Looking to be near the mountains or the ocean? Are you okay with higher state taxes? Questions like this are important when looking at job opportunities.

So here are 4 great destinations locum tenens physicians should consider. 


If a high rate of pay is your deciding factor, you may be surprised to learn that Mississippi is at the top of the list. What’s driving this huge pay rate for Mississippi locums? According to the Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce website, the state has an active primary care physician population of just 67.4 per 100,000 population – compared with a U.S. state median of 94.7. Mississippi currently ranks 50th in physician to population ratio in overall physicians.

Because Mississippi needs doctors, State legislators are trying to address the problem by considering allowing doctors to be exempt from paying income taxes for 10 years.


Another favorite state offering great pay is California – where the salary range for a locum tenens physician job is from $94,494 to $166,020 per year.

Within the state, San Jose is a great choice due to its proximity to the nice weather, wine country, ocean beaches and nightlife in the Bay Area. In addition, the San Jose area offers substantial salaries – with a range starting at $106,168 per year. Of course, this varies from hospital to hospital and job description, but the pay will be much better than in most other locations. Second on the list is Fremont, where locum salaries start at around $105,965 per year.


If you’re looking for an assignment that feels more like a tropical vacation than a job, Florida could be the right choice. For an entirely different kind of city experience, you may want to consider Miami, which offers a unique blend of business and culture.

Its many neighborhoods are definitely worth spending time to explore. And shopping opportunities, nightlife activities, and beaches are all in and around the city as well. A partial list of the best area hospitals includes the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics, Cleveland Clinic Weston, and Memorial Regional Hospital.


Whether you’re a Midwesterner wanting an assignment close to home, or a physician simply looking for a change of pace from your current situation, chances are you’ll find a locum job in Illinois to meet your needs.

One favorite destination for locum jobs is Chicago, with its world-class dining and shopping, a stunning skyline and renowned medical facilities including the University of Chicago Medical Center, Rush University Medical Center and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. And there are plenty of other locations throughout the state that could use your skills and experience including Mount Vernon, Chester, Aurora and Oak Lawn.

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