10 Best States for NPs to Work In This Year

10 Best States for NPs to Work In This Year Annashae

10 Best States for NPs to Work In This Year

What makes one state a better choice than another for Nurse Practitioners?

Factors such as salary, job outlook, potential employment opportunities, and the extent to which an NP can practice independently are important factors for nurse practitioners.

Here are 10 of the highest-rated states for NPS to consider:


  1. New York

Nurse practitioners earn an average of $126,440 a year. The state anticipates an increase in NP jobs by 41.28% or 1,640 jobs annually each of the next ten years. Although Nurse practitioners in New York are limited to reduced practice authority the state is considered one of the best places to be a nurse practitioner.

  1. Arizona

 Arizona provides NPs full practice authority, and they can own or operate independent practices or work with other healthcare providers without a collaborative agreement with a physician. Earnings average more than $117,000 yearly. The job outlook is rosy, with an increase of 50.90% in jobs projected over ten years, with 200 job openings expected annually.

  1. Maryland

Maryland has some of the best nurse practitioner programs in the country, including Johns Hopkins UniversitySalisbury University, and the University of Maryland. NPs working in Maryland earn approximately $115,240 annually and have full practice authority . The job outlook is positive with a projected increase of 34.88% or 390 annually over ten years.

  1. Washington

The state has a ten-year projected job growth of 28.54% with approximately 480 new and replacement jobs annually. Salaries average approximately $126,000 with full practice authority. Washington’s population includes a diverse mix of highly educated people with vast cultural and professional experiences where nurse practitioners can become established in independent practice.

  1. Oregon

Oregon is home to more than 6,000 nurse practitioners and is considered an excellent place for anyone pursuing an NP career. NPs have full practice authority and earn nearly $119,000 per year. The demand for healthcare providers in Oregon continues to grow and the state who can expect to see more than 200 jobs added yearly for the next decade – an increase of 31.98%.

  1. California

With a population of nearly 40 million people the state is projected to be short at least 8,000 primary care physicians by 2030. Despite the restricted practice authority for NPs, nurse practitioner numbers continue to increase – with 1,400 new or replacement jobs added annually – a growth rate of 30.46% over the next ten years. Average salary is nearly $146,000.

  1. Colorado

The state – which is considered one of the best states for nurse practitioners – offers full practice authority of NPs. Nurse Practitioners in Colorado can expect to see more than 3,000 new or replacement jobs available within the next ten years, a growth of 44.47%. On average, earnings are $109,750 per year.

  1. New Jersey

NPs in New Jersey earn more than $130,000 annually. Currently, NPs in New Jersey work under reduced practice authority. The state expects growth of approximately 560 new jobs yearly for the next decade, an increase of 28.16%. Although they may diagnose and treat patients without a collaborative agreement with a physician, NPs require physician oversight to prescribe medications.

  1. Texas

NPs in the state earn approximately $116,700 yearly. The Texas population is growing, and nurse practitioners will see more than 1,100 new and replacement jobs annually for the next decade, an increase of nearly 32%. Other factors behind the nurse practitioner growth in Texas include an aging population, rising numbers of chronic illnesses, and underserved rural areas.

  1. Illinois

Nurse practitioners earn an average annual salary of $112,600. State policy recognizes nurse practitioners as primary care providers. They may prescribe certain medications but require a collaborative agreement with a physician to prescribe Schedule II drugs. Illinois is projecting a 31.13% increase in NP jobs, roughly 760 jobs per year over the next ten years.

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