How to Nail Your First Job Interview Out of Residency

How to Nail Your First Job Interview Out of Residency Annashae

How to Nail Your First Job Interview Out of Residency

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of your Residency. Now it’s time to find that first full-time job as a practicing physician.

As a young Resident, it’s hard to imagine anything more stressful than an interview. But if you properly prepare you’ll feel more confident and present your qualifications in the best way possible. Remember, your interviewer is looking for enthusiasm, preparedness and the ability to think on your feet.

So here are some tips to help you nail your post-residency interviews:


Tailor Your CV

Understand the job requirements and tailor the information from your background that addresses them. The school you attended is important so place your Education section near the top so hospital administrators can get a quick sense of your schooling.

You should also succinctly describe your relevant background in a Work History section. Include specific responsibilities that showcase your experience vs. routine tasks. Keep it short but include information that shows you’re a good fit.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before your post-residency interviews, arrange to practice with a close friend, senior medical student, or family member. Review the interviews and evaluate your performance. Are you maintaining interest? Listening to the questions? Smiling? Sitting up and displaying good body language?

The Interview

Interviews are all about fit – and you’re interviewing them as much as they are you. Remember, you don’t want to accept a job and then be unhappy within a few months. To enhance your value and provide a basis for understanding the role and how you would fit, be specific about your career goals and learn what you can about the position.

Be Ready for These Questions

Tell me about yourself: If you stumble here, your lack of confidence will be obvious. Prepare a short response about your career path and why you’re applying for the job.

Why do you want to work for us?: Make sure you’ve researched the organization and can speak well about why you’re a great candidate.

What do you envision your practice will look like in 5-10 years?: They’re looking for clues to see if you’ll be a long-term fit. Be honest and to the point.

Tell me about a time in residency you had an interesting patient: Everyone loves personal anecdotes — be prepared so you can answer the question and not get carried away with too many details.

What are your specific practice interests?: They want to understand what motivates you. Be honest about your interests and how you’re open to expanding them.

Key Questions to Ask

It’s good to ask a few questions to show that you’re engaged and serious about the opportunity. For example:

  • How many hours per week would I be working?
  • How many patients am I expected to see each day?
  • What types of patients are generally treated?
  • What are my call schedule expectations?
  • How will I be evaluated? By whom?
  • Do NOT ask about PTO, benefits or other “perks”. This will be appropriate once an offer is made.

After the Interview

Be sure to write down the contact info of your interviewer(s) if available. Note the subjects you discussed, and the points covered. The next day, send a thank you email – mentioning some of the key points the interviewer(s) raised, what you enjoyed about the discussion, and thank them for their time.

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