Best Ways to Search for Physician Jobs in 2023

Best Ways to Search for Physician Jobs in 2023

Best Ways to Search for Physician Jobs in 2023

Every physician’s job search is unique.

From practice types to location – there are many opportunities to find the practice that fits your career goals. The good news there are many resources to help your search.

Here are many of the most popular job search options for physicians:


1. Digital Search Apps

The days of physicians walking into an office and handing a prospective employer a typed copy of their curriculum vitae are long gone. As the career search turns digital, mobile devices are making the process even easier. Many healthcare professionals are now visiting job-listing medical search apps to review available positions.

2. Physician-Specific Job Boards

The following job boards are tailored to providing hiring opportunities for doctors:

  1. PracticeLink
  2. MDSearch
  3. PhysicianJobBoard
  4. PracticeMatch

3. American Medical Association

If you’re looking into a post-residency fellowship, consider starting your fellowship research with the American Medical Association’s FREIDA database. It offers over 11,000 programs – all of which are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

4. PracticeMatch Career Fairs

PracticeMatch career fairs are free events designed specifically for residents, fellows, practicing physicians, in all medical specialties and subspecialties. Meet potential employers from leading hospitals and healthcare systems both locally-based and nationwide.

5. CareerMD Career Fairs

These career fairs allow jobseekers the opportunity to connect with hundreds of leading employers across the country in one place. Participating employers include many of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals, healthcare systems and practice groups.

6. LinkedIn

Today many employers assess potential employees by viewing the social media profiles of candidates. So it’s smart to review, update, and if necessary, clean up your online information. Most hiring managers will look at your LinkedIn account, so be sure it’s up-to-date, and it truly reflects your skills.

A good way to update your page is to post your interests and latest experience including achievements, projects, and anything else that’s relevant to your professional aspirations. Also, get coworkers and friends to say great things about you in the testimonial thread!

7. Actively Network

While experience and education go a long way toward helping you stand out in a competitive job market, networking also plays a big role in enabling you to land the right opportunity. Attend networking events and engage others in conversation. Stay in contact with the people you connect with the most including former medical school colleagues and instructors – even if you’re not currently looking for a job.

8. Use a Healthcare Recruiter

Even if you have an attractive CV and a large network, it’s wise to take advantage of the people whose jobs are dedicated to helping find the best opportunities as a practicing doctor. Experienced medical recruiters will take care of much of the job search legwork for you and can dig up opportunities you may not have considered.

A good example is Annashae Healthcare Staffing and Consulting –  a company dedicated to finding medical staffing solutions for healthcare facilities and government agencies nationwide. We’re experienced in guiding busy medical professionals through the complexities of identifying opportunities, prepping for interviews, completing salary negotiations, etc. While physicians go about their daily lives, we’re working to find that next great career opportunity.

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