The Holidays Are Fast Approaching. Is this a Good Time to Make a Job Change?

The Holidays Are Fast Approaching. Is this a Good Time to Make a Job Change?

The Holidays Are Fast Approaching. Is this a Good Time to Make a Job Change?

Once upon a time, the thought of making a job change around the holidays seemed like an exercise in futility. After all, what company would want to do any hiring once the frost was on the pumpkin and the smell of gingerbread cookies was in the air.

However, like most things related to hiring and employment, times have changed. And with the nationwide shortage of qualified candidates for a wide range of jobs, hiring managers and HR directors are looking to fill positions.

The fact is, considering making a career move right before the holidays can actually be a good thing. There’s generally less competition since a lot of potential jobseekers are busy with baking, shopping and celebrating. But a lot of companies are looking to get their staffs set for 2023 and starting a job search now could put you way ahead of the competition.

So if starting a search prior to the holidays can be a positive, how can you stand out from the rest? Here are four suggestions:


Revisit Your LinkedIn Profile

Apart from an interview, the best way for employers to assess potential employees is by viewing the social media profiles of candidates. So it’s smart to review, update, and if necessary, clean up your online information. Most hiring managers and recruiters will look at your LinkedIn account, so be sure it’s up-to-date, typo-free, and truly reflects your skills.

A good way to update your page is to post your interests and latest experience including achievements, projects, and anything else that’s relevant to your professional aspirations. Also ask coworkers and friends to say great things about you in the testimonial thread!

Actively Network

While experience and education go a long way toward helping you stand out in the job market, networking also plays a big role in helping you land the right opportunity. Contact an experienced staffing firm to discuss your career goals. Attend networking events and engage others in conversation. And stay in contact with people in your industry – you never know where you might hear about an interesting hiring opportunity.

Customize Your Resume

Your resume gives potential employers insight into your qualifications. Update your resume regularly to include your most current skills and work experience. Every time you apply for a new job, customize your information so it emphasizes the experiences and skills the employer is seeking. You can also remove experiences that aren’t relevant to the position if you choose.

You’ve Landed an Interview, Now What?

Once you’ve gotten an interview, this is your opportunity to shine! One of the best ways to stand out from other candidates is to make sure you’re fully prepared and can walk into the room or Zoom conference with confidence. Research the company as well as the position. Prepare three or four thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer. When answering questions, stay away from cliché responses. And it’s always best to be conversational so your personality can show through.

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