Tired of the Same Routine? Three Reasons to Become a Traveling Physician

Tired of the Same Routine? Three Reasons to Become a Traveling Physician

Tired of the Same Routine? Three Reasons to Become a Traveling Physician

With today’s shortages of experienced physicians, many hospitals and clinics across the country are dealing with acute staff crunches. It’s a buyer’s market, and in most cases, hospitals and other healthcare employers are paying top dollar to acquire the best talent.

So if you’ve been around the same hospital or clinic for a while and are looking to add a jolt to your career, it’s never been a better time to become a traveling physician.

As the title implies, traveling physicians (also referred to as locum tenens) go from place to place to fill in during another physician’s absence. They can also provide additional care when there’s more patient demand than physician supply.

With excellent pay, a wide range of professional opportunities and lots of adventure, you’ll begin to understand why many physicians choose to travel. That is, if you don’t mind being a little flexible and are looking for something beyond the “been there, done that.”

3 benefits to taking your physician show on the road:


Achieve Professional Growth

Working in different scenarios, from top research and teaching facilities to rural hospitals, enables you to broaden your skill set and learn new techniques. Being a traveling physician is a great way to expand your professional resumé while enjoying exciting new experiences around the country. Not only does traveling showcase your adaptability, but it also proves you’re up for a challenge and ready to learn from each new assignment.

Pursuing a career on the road is also a way to avoid the job burnout that many permanent doctors experience. Whether you’re tired of hospital politics or feel like your career is at a standstill, being a traveler can be just the revival you need. Experiencing new faces and places, while continuing to do what you love most – practicing medicine – is a priceless opportunity that few other professions offer.

Go to Work in High-Demand Locations

Doctors who travel enjoy the job security of knowing there are assignment options waiting across the U.S. once their current contract ends. Being a travel doc offers a unique opportunity to practice where you want, when you want – often in very high-demand places like California, Hawaii, New England and other locales.

Some physicians prefer to travel to locations where there are opportunities to explore their hobbies like skiing or mountain biking, while others enjoy going to underserved communities that need help the most. In many cases, traveling physicians have the chance to do both.

Enjoy Freedom and Flexibility

Along with being able to select from a wide range of locations across the country, travel doctors can choose to take a break between assignments to spend time with family and friends – or take an extended vacation. It’s called work/life balance! Many travel professionals use their time off to relax, but others may use the time to volunteer for a favorite cause or write a book. The flexible schedule allows you to pursue your interests and help others when and where you want.

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