5 Questions Physicians Should Ask Before Accepting a New Job

6 Questions Physicians Should Ask Before Accepting a New Job

5 Questions Physicians Should Ask Before Accepting a New Job

Interviewing for a job as a physician typically means several interviews where you and the hospital or HR department decide if you’re a good fit for the opportunity.

However, once an offer is made, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty – meaning getting the full details of the job, the benefits, and the perks in writing. To ensure you have a firm understanding of not only the job responsibilities but areas of negotiation, you need to be clear on the overall package. This is especially important if you’re taking a role as an independent contractor or a locum tenens position, and that means leaving no stone unturned before you sign on the dotted line.

Whether you’re thinking of exploring your options or currently on the job search, you should be aware of the most important questions to ask your potential employer.

Here’s a good list to consider:


1. What Will My Schedule Look Like?

It’s important to have a good understanding of the patient volume you’ll likely see, and the hours you will be asked to work. When asking this question make sure to get specific information such as what time you will start your day; how many days a week you’ll see patients; call schedules; weekend schedules, etc.

If you’re interested in an independent contractor or locum tenens role, you’ll a have a bit more flexibility with your schedule and workload and don’t really have to accept anything you’re not comfortable with.

2. What are the Health Insurance Benefits?

Questions regarding your insurance benefits should include:

  • How long after I start am I eligible for benefits?
  • Do you offer health, dental and vision insurance?
  • Who’s the insurance provider?
  • What’s the yearly deductible?
  • What portion of the monthly premium am I responsible for?
  • Does the company pay a portion of the family premium (if applicable)?
  • Are vision and dental insurance included?
  • Is life insurance or accident insurance offered?

If you’ll be taking on a locum tenens role, you’ll also need to understand what health benefits that may or not be provided to determine if you will need private health coverage for yourself or your family members.

3. What About Malpractice Insurance?

Be sure to ask:

  • What’s included in the policy? (e.g., HIPAA coverage; Board Action coverage; reputation coverage; defense counsel inside vs. outside the limits of liability)
  • Do employees buy supplemental medical malpractice coverage?
  • If a claim is brought against you or your team, will you have your own personal advocate for your defense, or will the same lawyer represent everyone?
  • Are there any limitations to this policy that are important to know about?

Should you take on a locum tenens position, you should be provided with medical malpractice insurance, but it is important to ask all of the above questions to gain a better understanding of the protections that will be in place.

4. How Much Vacation and Sick Time Will I Receive?

Your time off is important and learning about paid vacation and sick leave should be part of your decision-making process. In general, HR managers can easily answer your questions.

If it’s a locum tenens role you’re after, you won’t have paid vacation time, but you’ll have the freedom to pick when and for how long you want to work a role, giving you ample time to relax in between jobs.

And finally…

5. Is This the Best Offer for My Career?

If you’re pursuing more than one job simultaneously, be sure to weigh your options before accepting any new offer. If it’s the first offer you’ve received, don’t be too quick to accept because you may be presented with others that are a better fit. On the other hand, don’t turn down a reasonable offer in hopes of landing the “perfect” job – which may not come.

When choosing a locum tenens role, you should also be selective. Consider places that you may have always wanted to travel to, our places that are underserved where you can really do some good.

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