3 Things Physicians Should Do to Supercharge Their Morning

3 Things Physicians Should Do to Supercharge Their Morning Annashae

3 Things Physicians Should Do to Supercharge Their Morning

When it comes to getting your morning off on the right foot, there’s a lot that can happen that will affect how you perform during the day.

Making small adjustments to your morning routine can put your brain and body in a better place to help you be productive, feel more centered, and improve your overall health.

If you want to ensure that you’re benefiting from a healthy morning routine, there are things to do that will ensure you walk into your practice or hospital ready to take on the day.

Try Implementing the Following Three Suggestions That Can Supercharge Your Productivity and Well-Being.

1. Stay Away from Your Phone

Yes, we know. Picking up your phone in the morning is like putting on your socks (if you wear socks). But the endless scrolling, immediate stress from checking emails and annoying notifications before you’re totally awake can have a negative effect on your morning. And we have brain waves to thank for this occurrence.

Studies have shown that when you first wake up in the morning your brain switches from delta waves, which occur in a deep sleep state, to theta waves, which occur during a sort of daydreamy state. By grabbing your phone or laptop first thing and immediately diving into the online world, your body skips the important theta and alpha stages and goes straight to being wide awake, alert and possibly stressed (also known as the beta state).

So while it’s okay to quickly check your phone for important messages, put it down before you lose yourself in a news stream, Facebook or Instagram — you don’t want to waste your morning and you don’t want to suddenly be late for work!

2. Write Down Your Day

Spending some time planning your day is a great way to set your mind and increase your daily productivity. Figure out what you want to accomplish that day and write it down – which will make your brain focus on it. Having daily goals can also be an excellent way to set the expectations of what you want to achieve. You’ll feel like you’re in charge of your life and ready for the day ahead.

3.  Have a Healthy Breakfast

Recently, researchers have found that teens who ate a high-quality breakfast experienced improved health-related quality of life and lower levels of stress and depression compared to those who ate unhealthy breakfasts or skipped it altogether. The lesson here is that taking the time to eat a healthy breakfast increases the ability to do your job once you’ve entered the practice or hospital.

And don’t forget the water. While it feels good to reach for a hot cup of coffee right after you roll out of bed, hold off before you’ve had some water. After a full night’s sleep, our bodies are dehydrated. Every process your body undergoes throughout the day requires water, so start early. Without enough of it, you can end up tired or dizzy, experience dangerous drops in blood pressure, and your metabolism can suffer.

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