3 Things Every New Attending Physicians Should Know

3 Things Every New Attending Physicians Should Know

 3 Things Every New Attending Physicians Should Know

While you definitely know your stuff from years of preparation, it’s no secret that new attending physicians have a lot of questions heading into their new roles.

A new job can always be stressful, but it’s important to be confident, to remember your training, and to trust those around you. When you do these, you can excel at what you’ve been working toward for so many years.

As a new physician, you will be thrown into many things that you may be doing for the first time on your own. But here are a few things to remember so you can put your excellent skills to work as you were meant to.

Be Intentional

It may seem early to discuss looking at the big picture, but it’s never too soon. Now, as you are starting out, is the time to assess your financial outlook, make personal goals for your career, and begin achieving them. Without goals you’ll have nothing to strive for professionally.

While you may be tempted to go out and make a big splash purchase with your first paycheck, remember your goals, both professional and personal, and make smart decisions from the outset.

Trust Your Training

Should I discharge this patient? Should I change this medication? Should I order this test? You have completed years of rigorous training in medical school. Now is the time to trust your training. If you do have questions, consult esteemed senior members of your team who will be happy to offer you advice and guidance as you begin your career.

Value Your Support Staff

Understand early on that you are only as strong as your team. Without your support team, you will find it hard to practice what you learned in the way you should be. If you don’t work well with others, it will only make things more difficult as you start out as a new attending physician.

Talk With Our Experts

We have supportive and knowledgeable staff that is eager to listen and chat if you have questions. All we do is work with physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals so we know how to assist you. We’re eager to help you so you don’t make some of the classic mistakes that new attending physicians make. Call us today!