Is Chasing the Highest Salary Always the Best Decision for Your Career?

Is chasing the highest salary always the best decision for your career

Is Chasing the Highest Salary Always the Best Decision for Your Career?

Every doctor wants to make the most money they can. In our culture, earning a big salary is tantamount to achieving success. While garnering a hefty salary is not a bad thing, working in a job solely for the money could have a negative impact on your life in ways you may not have thought about.

Here are a few things to take into consideration before accepting the job offer with the highest salary:


Often, high-paying jobs require much sacrifice in the sense of workload. Logging an insane amount of hours per week will take a toll on family time, increase stress, and reduce the amount of sleep you get. Every doctor knows how important sleep is to the body. So before you make a move for a lucrative salary, consider the workload and its impact on your family, your body, and your long-range health.


Benefits such as health insurance, malpractice insurance, paid time off (holiday, vacation, sick), and retirement plans cannot be understated. When it comes to having yourself and your family protected, there’s really no price that can be placed on it.

It may be wise to weigh all these benefits with a slightly lower salary against a high-paying job with fewer prerequisites. It’s not always about the money.

State of the Facility

It’s important to consider the overall state of the facility in which you would be working. Is it in excellent working condition? Is the equipment up to date? Are the staff committed to the company? Is it state-of-the-art?

Working in a facility that takes pride in itself—in the building, in its staff, and in departmental budgets—can be more worthwhile than working in a facility that sees a high turnover rate, always has equipment that is breaking, and a staff that doesn’t care about people. These are things you do not want to sacrifice for the sake of a high salary.

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