The 10 Best States to Work In As a Physician

The 10 Best States to Work In as a Physician

The 10 Best States to Work In As a Physician

When choosing the best state in which to work as a physician, you should keep several factors in mind: pay scale, cost of living, benefits, rate of malpractice suits, geographic quality of life (i.e. crime rates, education, transportation, healthcare), and physician density. Take all these factors—not just one, such as pay grade—into consideration when you choose your destination for a happy, well-balanced life. Below is a list of the 10 best states to practice medicine.

#1 South Dakota

Most people associate this state with Mount Rushmore and the Badlands, not being the number one state for physicians. But it is at the top of this list because it boasts the second-highest physician salary at nearly $300,000. Besides a great salary, South Dakota doesn’t tax the income its residents earn. The state also gets high marks in quality of life, affordability, and low malpractice suits.

#2 Idaho

As you might guess, this state is known for its spuds. The soil and clean water and air produce potatoes that make the best fries and fluffy, baked potatoes. If the climate is that good for potatoes, imagine how good it could be for doctors. It could be a real “gem.” Besides potentially qualifying for loan forgiveness of up to $100,000 for practicing in an underserved area, you could earn an above average salary (around $230,000). Too, the physician density rate is low.

#3 Iowa

Iowa has much to offer physicians. They could receive loan forgiveness of up to $200,000 for working in this underserved area for five years. Physician density rate is low as well. They rank in the top three, as well, for reporting a low cost of living.

#4 North Dakota

How does the highest quality of life in the nation sound? Beautiful national parks, strong sense of community, and a wholesome environment contribute to this noteworthy designation. If you crave happiness as much as low crime rates, low sales tax, excellent air quality, and low cost of living, North Dakota may be the place for you. Driving those windy country roads while taking in lush prairies after a hard days’ work could be for you. It’s no wonder why North Dakota is named the Peace Garden State. Couple these perks with a low burnout rate and a median annual salary of around $250,000, North Dakota may be a top contender.

#5 Wisconsin

Say “cheese”! Wisconsin is known for its dairy production and for its cheery physicians. It checks the boxes for pay, cost of living, benefits, rate of malpractice suits, quality of life, and physician density.

#6 Utah

If nearly 500 inches of snow a year doesn’t cause you to want to hibernate, you may want to consider choosing Utah. Like Wisconsin, Utah ranks well in all the categories and offers wonderful outdoor life to explore when you’re not helping patients heal so they can live their best lives.

#7 Nebraska

The Cornhusker State is, by all accounts, a wonderful place to live. Quality of life ranks high; low cost of living; and a low burnout rate rank this state in the top 10 best places to live as a physician. The pay—around $170,000 a year—could be one of the lowest, but student loan forgiveness is an incentive worth exploring. But don’t sneeze during a church service since it’s illegal.

#8 Colorado

Colorado pays its physicians well and beautiful scenery adds to the attraction. The state ranks high in quality of life, which is no surprise, considering its mountains and canyons.

#9 Minnesota

If you like lakes—10,000 to be exact—and shopping (the Mall of America!), Minnesota could be your new home. People who live their claim to be quite happy and physicians earn a great living.

#10 New Hampshire

As wonderful as New Hampshire is, it’s surprising it doesn’t rank higher, but 10 is not bad. Valued for safety, a welcoming family environment, and comfort, New Hampshire pays its doctors well, has a robust healthcare system, and boasts a low malpractice rate. If you’ve always wanted to live in New England, New Hampshire could be perfect. And to top it all off, salary for physicians can be as high as $275,000.

Now What?

No matter which factor ranks highest with you, one of these 10 states has something for every physician. As you are starting out your career, let us at Annashae connect you to the employers in the states that interest you the most.