Why Now Is the Perfect Time for Retired Physicians to Work Part Time

Why now is the perfect time for retired physicians to find part-time work

Why Now Is the Perfect Time for Retired Physicians to Work Part Time

It’s no secret that an active mind and body go a long way in staving off disease and inertia. As a retired physician, you have valuable skills, and using them not only benefits you by keeping your mind and body in motion, but it helps patients and a medical field that needs talented physicians.

Here are a few reasons why now is the perfect time to rejoin the healthcare workforce:

Hospitals are in Need of Experts

To get to where you are today, you had to learn a lot of things. To have made the difference you did in countless patients’ lives, you have experience that will be highly beneficial to hospitals and other medical facilities that are struggling to fill positions and keep on staff long-term.

You can continue to influence the healthcare field by serving as a consultant in a nursing home or a hospital, helping them shore up their staff, while not pushing yourself too much.

Locum Tenens Work Is Widely Available

One of the best reasons to rejoin the medical workforce in retirement is due to the growing availability of locum tenens opportunities.

As a locum tenens physician, you choose when you go on assignment, where you go, and how often you want to accept a new assignment. This allows you to control how much or how little you work in retirement.

The Future Is Uncertain

Within the next decade, we will be facing a nationwide shortage of physicians. The healthcare industry will be even further affected and patient care will be impacted. The AMA predicts it will be a crisis. This is an excellent time for you to lend your skills and talents to the profession, thereby relieving physicians who may be facing burnout and to an industry that will soon face unprecedented challenges.

Ask Our Experts

This is a perfect time for you to reach out to one of our knowledgeable recruiters on how you can find meaningful part-time work as a physician and how you can make a difference today, as well as benefitting yourself by staying active.