Why Leave a Permanent Physician Post for a Locum Tenens Position?

Why Leave a Permanent Physician Post for a Locum Tenens Position?

Why Leave a Permanent Physician Post for a Locum Tenens Position?

You have been a physician in private practice for some time now. Your career choice has brought you much satisfaction along the way, but you want to explore other opportunities. A friend of yours asked you if you have considered a locum tenens position.

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider leaving your permanent position.

You Choose the Destination

Unlike working in one location all the time, being a locum tenens physician allows you to choose, in many cases, where you go, when, and how long you stay with that assignment. What’s more, you can decide how much time you need between assignments so you can recharge at home.

You Choose the Pay

Often, you have the luxury of negotiating pay. Healthcare staffing agencies can lend guidance along the way and they have professional contacts in the field. In general, locum tenens physicians have the ability to make more money than a traditional doctor, even up to 50 percent more. That’s substantial.

Better Work-Life Balance

If flexibility is what you desire, you would be a great candidate for locum tenens. If you long for more time to pursue other interests and/or spend more time with your family, you should consider this path. “Furthermore, Locum Tenens physicians do not have to deal with the logistics or politics that are typically associated with full-time practice,” says the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations. “This creates a stress-free environment, where doctors can focus on gaining experience and improving patient health.”

Aside from the ability to have more flexibility and a more fulfilling life outside of work, there is an added benefit of relieving doctors who are being overworked. While doctors love what they do, they can many times push things to the limit when it comes to hours and days consecutively worked. When you take on a locum tenens role, you’ll be relieving these doctors and giving them a much needed respite.

Annashae Can Help

There are many more benefits to leaving a permanent physician role and taking locum tenens work. Talk with an Annashae recruiter today to begin your journey.