Three Licensure Tips Every Resident Should Know

3 Licensure Tips Every Resident Should Know

Three Licensure Tips Every Resident Should Know

No one knows better than you how hard you have worked to get to this point in your medical career. You completed your education and residency, passed all three steps of the USMLE, and participated in clinical practice. Now it’s time to acquire your license so you can practice medicine.

Be sure to follow these three licensure tips:

Know What’s Expected

When it comes to licensure, some criteria depend on the state in which you are seeking the licensure. The first step in the process is asking the licensing board for a copy of its current requirements and the expected amount of time it will take to process applications. According to the American Medical Association, this is also a good time to present your vitae. “This will allow the board to evaluate potential problem areas early in the process.”

Track Your Progress

As we said, licensing requirements will vary by state, but every state will require certain documents to lend credibility to you as a physician. Such documents as verification of education, exam scores, graduate training, current and past licenses, references and reviews, and profiles will be requested. You will want to prepare these materials and track your progress toward licensure.

Trust the Process

State licensing boards and their staff are tasked with protecting the public by being thorough in the licensing process. Be patient and trust the process. Conducting a complete and thorough vetting of each applicant is a time-consuming activity. It can take two months or more to become licensed.

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