Everything You’ll Need to Become a Traveling Locum Tenens Physician

Everything you’ll need to be a traveling locum tenens physician

Everything You’ll Need to Become a Traveling Locum Tenens Physician

The healthcare landscape of today is not what it was in your grandparents’ time. With increasing staffing shortages, a high rate of burnout among doctors, and disparities among populations receiving healthcare, there are many reasons to consider a change in your healthcare career.

Becoming a traveling locum tenens physician may be the answer, as it will allow you to make a difference in patients’ lives and help fellow doctors avoid burnout.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Land a Locum Tenens Role

Where Did You Learn All That?

First things first, it’s time to gather all the information related to your undergraduate and medical school. On your resume, you’ll want to note the names, addresses, and graduation years in chronological order. Include a name of a reference from each institution with contact information, perhaps of a professor or supervisor who had a hand in helping you become the doctor you are today. Compile the same information for your internships and residencies. Agencies and potential employers will want to hear about them. Make sure to create an accompanying cover letter giving further information about your qualifications.

What Have You Done?

It’s no surprise that you will need to have a complete list of your licenses and certifications. No matter what state you live in, you must show proof of medical license, DEA, BLS, and more. These documents provide proof that you are licensed to practice medicine. Indicate in what state you earned the license and/or certification, when they were given, and when they expire.

Who Are You?

As you might expect, you will need to prove you are who you say you are. Gather acceptable forms of identification such as driver’s license, green card, and NPI number, among other things. You must have a green card or government-issued ID.

We Can Help

It can seem like a lot of hard work to become certified to work as a locum tenens physician. Even before you have hit the road, you have a lot of work to do and it can feel overwhelming. We can help. After all, it’s our specialty. Let Annashae help you navigate through the process and find your path to becoming certified as a traveling locum tenens physician today.