Experiencing Physician Burnout? Why Not Step into a Locum Tenens Role to Find Your Passion Again?

Burnt Out Why not step into a Locum Tenens role and find your passion again

Experiencing Physician Burnout? Why Not Step into a Locum Tenens Role to Find Your Passion Again?

According to Medscape’s Physician Burnout & Depression Report 2022, physician burnout increased 5 percent in 2022, with 47 percent of doctors reporting flaring tempers, moodiness, depression, and feelings of overall hopelessness that significantly impact their work.

Top reasons cited for physician burnout include:

  • Too many bureaucratic tasks
  • Lack of respect from employers/staff
  • Too many hours at work
  • Lack of control/autonomy over life
  • Insufficient compensation

To combat burnout, some physicians try stress reduction techniques, reduce work hours, and make staff changes. Others change their work setting to see if a difference in the environment will spark new enthusiasm for their work.

Locum tenens assignments offer physicians the opportunity to fight burnout in the following ways:

Less admin work. Because locum tenens physicians aren’t part of the permanent staff, they are often required to do less administrative work and attend fewer meetings. This frees them up to focus on patient care and enjoy the satisfaction of helping people.

More appreciation from staff. Many healthcare settings are understaffed, which is why they need locums. In most circumstances, locums can expect to be welcomed with appreciation and gratitude for their work, not scolded for not doing enough to help.

Flexible schedule. Locum tenens physicians choose assignments that fit their lifestyle. Whether they want to work one weekend a month or 13 weeks a year, locums work offers opportunities to fit every schedule. This is an excellent benefit for doctors needing a reduced workload to ease burnout.

Control over assignments. Part-time, full-time, local, or far from home, all the details are worked out in advance, and locum tenens physicians have control over which assignments they choose. For physicians feeling a lack of autonomy contributes to burnout, locums work can return that feeling of being in control of their careers and lives.

Competitive pay. Locum tenens physicians are paid a highly competitive rate, especially if they work in underserved areas. Depending on their specialty, some doctors can even make more money working locums than working full-time in a permanent role.

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