Afraid to Sit Still? Locum Tenens Shifts Can Help You Stay Active Post-Retirement

Afraid to Sit Still Locum Tenens Shifts Can Help You Stay Active

Afraid to Sit Still? Locum Tenens Shifts Can Help You Stay Active Post-Retirement

It can be challenging to downshift from a packed physician schedule to retirement. But guess what? No one says you must stop working entirely. Isn’t that the point of retiring—you get to do what you want? 

For many physicians, that means continuing to work—where and when they wish.  

Whatever your motivation to stay active after retirement, temporary work is a popular option for many physicians. Consider these post-retirement benefits of locum tenens work: 

An Outlet for Your Skills 

Do you thrive in a fast-paced job where people need you? Is being a physician central to your identity? Locum tenens work can allow you to use the clinical skills you’ve spent your career honing while continuing to enjoy the busy healthcare environment on your terms. 

An Easier Transition 

If you think it will be difficult to go from full-time (or more than full-time) to not working at all, consider picking up a few shifts a week or covering on-call hours to ease into retirement. Some physicians use locum tenens work as a way to continue caring for patients they’ve cared for throughout their career while enjoying a less demanding work schedule. 

Freedom to Travel 

Whether you are visiting your children or far-flung friends, working as a locum tenens can allow you to have a working vacation in many locations across the country. Indulge in the travel you didn’t have time to enjoy during your career by picking unique or climate-friendly locations. Your recruiter can help with travel arrangement, licensing, and credentialing, often at no cost to you. 

Schedule Flexibility 

You get to choose your locum tenens assignments, which means you can work as much or as little as you desire. You can also choose the facility or setting, the times you want to work, and the area of the country where you would like to practice. Flexibility is at the heart of locum tenens. Your recruiter will work to find the best options for your skills and interests, and the choice of assignment is up to you.  

The Chance to Give Back 

Locums doctors often have less admin work than permanent members of staff, allowing them to spend more time with patients. Another perk: mentorship opportunities. The perspective of retirement affords physicians more wisdom and support to offer to colleagues. Many doctors discover new joy in work after retirement because it allows them to give more to the community and their patients. 

Are you retired or near retirement? 

Annashae makes it easy for doctors to continue using their in-demand skills after retirement. Let us help you find the perfect opportunity to ease into your next phase of life. Partner with Annashae!