Why should you sign up with a Locum Tenens agency—even if you’re not looking for work TODAY?

Why should you sign up with a Locum Tenens agencyeven if you're not looking

Why should you sign up with a Locum Tenens agency—even if you’re not looking for work TODAY?

Maybe you aren’t in the market for a new job, but you never know… 

  • A perfect-for-you opportunity might land on the desk of a physician recruiter. 
  • You might be happier in a different practice setting. 
  • You might have an unexpected expense and need extra income. 
  • You might suddenly need a more flexible schedule. 
  • A change in scenery could change your life. 
  • Being your own boss could give you time to pursue a personally meaningful project. 

Even if you aren’t actively in the market for a new job—partnering with a staffing firm can open the door to possibilities and opportunities you might otherwise never find.  

Whether you are searching for your first physician job or just retired, locum tenens roles offer physicians impactful benefits at all stages of their careers. Here’s what signing up with a healthcare staffing and consulting firm like Annashae can provide: 

Great Opportunities 

Our physician recruiters know the healthcare industry inside and out and can connect you with great opportunities that fit your specialized skills and career interests. Even if you don’t want to make a move now, it’s something to think about for the future. 

A Change of Pace 

You don’t have to quit your job to enjoy the benefits of locum tenens work. A staffing agency could help you find weekend work or weekly on-call shifts that offer a change of pace, a different practice setting, or even a working vacation in a different climate. 

Extra Income 

Are you saving for something big or paying down student loans? Locum tenens roles can supplement your income. Picking up a shift here and there or working during your vacation from your current job can eventually add up to a new car or a down payment on your dream home. 


With locum tenens work, you choose the assignments that fit your schedule, skills, and interest. Many positions offer short and long-term opportunities, and if you land in a role you don’t enjoy, you can always choose a different position next time. 

Work-life Balance 

It’s good to know you have options. Even if you aren’t unhappy with your current physician job, there might come a time you want to make a move. You’ll be one step closer to your next opportunity if you’ve established a relationship with a staffing firm. Many doctors discover the flexibility, variety, and increased income from locum tenens work improve their work-life balance. Having a choice means choosing a life you enjoy! 

Are you looking for work as a locum tenens physician? Annashae connects physicians with flexible opportunities with competitive pay. Our expert physician recruiters can help you achieve a more fulfilling career with a better work-life balance. Call Annashae today!