Why Should You Partner with a Recruiter Instead of Finding a Job on Your Own?

Why Should You Partner with a Recruiter Instead of Finding a Job on Your Own

Why Should You Partner with a Recruiter Instead of Finding a Job on Your Own?

Finding your first job as a physician is an exciting—and sometimes overwhelming—task.  

You’re likely working full-time to finish up your residency or fellowship. Figuring out your next career step might fall somewhere between visiting the next patient on rounds and finding an empty on-call room to nap in. 

Maybe you wish someone could do some legwork for you or answer some questions. Heck, maybe you wish someone could ask you some questions to help you narrow down your preferred practice setting. 

Enter the physician recruiter.  

You’ve likely had a call from one or twelve of them during your residency, and now might be the time to take a few minutes out of your busy day to research leading healthcare staffing and consulting firms. 

Working with a physician recruiter can have significant benefits for a physician at the beginning of their career.  

A recruiter can help you: 

Save Time 

Experienced physician recruiters will take the time to learn everything they can about your skills, career goals, and personal requirement for a job. With that information, they can work on your behalf to find a great fit. Their established connections with many different organizations and hospital HR leaders will speed up that process. They likely already know what jobs are out there, and they can get your CV where it needs to go faster—all while saving you the hassle of searching job listings, researching organizations, and scheduling interviews.  

Leverage Market Expertise  

Before beginning your job hunt, it pays to have extensive knowledge of the current market and hiring trends. A skilled recruiter can give you detailed information about the patient population, the number of competing provider groups, job availability, and salary range in your search area. They will know the market—and where your skills are most in demand. 

Access Inside Information On Jobs 

Sometimes recruiters hear about top physician jobs that are never publicly posted. When you work with a recruiter, you have access to a greater number of job opportunities simply because some healthcare organizations choose to work exclusively with a staffing firm for their hiring needs. 

Become More Marketable 

It’s essential to have a polished CV while job hunting, but some physicians are too busy helping patients to research CV best practices. A physician recruiter can help fill in the missing information in a way that highlights your skills and experience. 

Hone Your Negotiation Skills 

A physician recruiter’s services don’t cost you a penny, and their experience with contracts can be valuable to your bottom line. When it comes time to talk terms, they can advise you of industry standards and help you negotiate in your favor. 

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