Shake It Up! Take Your Career to New Views Through Locum Tenens

Shake It Up! Take Your Career to New Views Through Locum Tenens

Shake It Up! Take Your Career to New Views Through Locum Tenens

Are you a physician in need of a change of pace?  

Many doctors discover—especially after a couple of years as tumultuous as the last few—that they need something different in their work lives. Some want to explore a new setting or learn a new skill. Others desire exposure to new technology or simply want a change of scenery. 

Locum tenens work can provide all those opportunities and more. 

As a locum tenens physician you can enjoy: 


One of the best-known perks of locum tenens is travel. Many healthcare firms staff nationwide, which means physicians can choose their assignment based on the desired location. Have you ever considered a working vacation in ski country? What about a couple of months spending your days off at the beach? Locum tenens work can provide a change of scenery for you while you provide much-needed medical care for others. 

Different Practice Settings 

Some doctors thrive on routine, while others work best with frequent change. If you have a highly adaptable personality, then chances are you need change to do your best work. Working as a locum can provide the stimulus you need by exposing you to different practice settings. Choose between short and long-term assignments, or pick up on-call shifts or weekend work when desired. 

Work-life Balance 

Locum tenens physicians choose which assignments they work. This flexibility gives them more control over their schedules than they might have in a full-time role with a large organization or private practice. Build your career on your terms by gaining control over your schedule, income, and vacation time. For some physicians, this means working less to avoid burnout. For others, it means picking up extra shifts to do more of what they love. 

Less Administrative Responsibility 

Since locums are temporary physicians, this often means you won’t be expected to deal with many of the responsibilities that full-time doctors with the practice are expected to complete. This isn’t always the case, but generally, that means less teaching and admin work and more time spent with patients. 

New Experiences 

Sometimes all it takes to breathe new life into your practice is a temporary change of scenery, but some physicians are looking for a more significant life change. That can be daunting if you’re entrenched in a well-established practice. Choosing a short-term locum tenens assignment allows you explore new opportunities without committing to a full-time role. If you enjoy the assignment, you’re one step closer to a new job you love. If it isn’t the right fit, you can choose something different next time. 

Looking for a Breath of Fresh Air?

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