Considering Retiring to a Warmer Climate? Pick up a Locum Tenens Assignment to Help Cover the Bill!

Considering Retiring to a Warmer Climate Pick up a Locum Tenens Assignment to Help Cover the Bill!

Considering Retiring to a Warmer Climate? Pick up a Locum Tenens Assignment to Help Cover the Bill!

Retiring is easier said than done for some physicians. 

When you’ve spent the majority of your life working long hours and making a difference in the lives of others, it can be challenging to quit unless you have a plan in place to help with the transition. Golf, tennis, cruises, volunteer work, beachcombing, and similar activities are great ways to downshift after a busy career. 

However, some late-career doctors choose locum tenens to ease into retirement.  

Here are a few reasons why: 

Extra Income 

Most doctors have a solid retirement income plan, but locums offers the opportunity to build up that nest egg. Choose assignments that fit your schedule and appeal to you. It’s often possible to earn higher-than-average pay while working locum tenens. 

A Sense of Purpose 

It’s difficult to go from helping people every day to a full-time self-care schedule. Many physicians discover that they want to use their skills even after retirement. Working locum tenens assignments during the transition to retirement can help you maintain the sense of purpose you had during your full-time workdays while becoming accustomed to having more downtime to spend with friends and family. 

Remain Active 

If you’re afraid of getting “rusty” after retirement, locum tenens work will keep you moving. Choose assignments based on how often and how many hours you want to work.  

Freedom and Flexibility 

Working locums allows doctors to ease into retirement at their own pace. Most staffing agencies offer short and long-term assignments. It’s also possible to pick up weekly on-call shifts or work weekends. Choose a familiar practice setting or experiment with a new environment in which to use your skills. The part-time nature of locum tenens will allow you to have the satisfaction of treating patients and using your skills without the commitment of a full-time workload. 

Visit Family 

Has your family grown up and spread out over the course of your career? Locum tenens work allows late-career or retired doctors the opportunity to travel nationwide to visit children, grandchildren, or friends while getting paid to practice medicine. Many healthcare staffing agencies will help with travel arrangements and licensing and credentialling, as well. If you’ve spent your career tied to a single location, the chance to travel while getting paid can be appealing. Locums work can allow you to explore new areas and create new memories without moving far from home. 

Are you considering retiring from your physician job? 

Annashae makes it easy for retired doctors to continue using their skills after they step away from full-time employment. Let us help you find the perfect opportunity to ease into your next professional adventure. Partner with Annashae!