How can a staffing agency partner with you to make the most of your medical career?

How can a staffing agency partner with you to make the most of your medical career

How can a staffing agency partner with you to make the most of your medical career?

Job hunting is never an easy undertaking.  

Even the most seasoned physicians and healthcare professionals might have questions like: 

  • Where can I find the best opportunities in my specialization? 
  • Is there a perfect part-time gig for me that fits my schedule? 
  • Where can I find time to look for a new job? 
  • How long does it take to get licensed in another state? 

A healthcare staffing and consulting firm can answer all these questions and more. Consider these reasons to partner with a staffing agency to make the most of your medical career: 

Save Time 

Job hunting can be time-consuming, especially if you have unique skills. A locum tenens recruiter can take that burden off your shoulders. They will get to know your skills, experience, career goals, desired practice setting, preferred geographic location, and personal interests—and then work on your behalf to find the best opportunities for you.   

Save Money 

If you plan on making a career out of locum tenens assignments, partnering with a staffing agency can help you stay busy and avoid downtime and lost income between assignments. It’s also common for a staffing agency to provide some form of malpractice coverage, another savings.  

Ease Stress 

A good staffing agency can take the hassle out of the job hunt by relieving you of the stressful task of hunting down opportunities and sorting through options. Your recruiter will present you with a carefully culled list of opportunities that meets your requirements. They will also assist with credentialling and licensing, one of the most complicated and time-consuming parts of the employment process. After you choose a new job or assignment, your recruiter will often help with travel and housing arrangements, too. 

Provide Support 

When you partner with a staffing agency, your recruiter becomes your career advocate. Your success is their success. To that end, they will not only find employment options for you, they will also help you update your CV and advise you during the interviewing and negotiation process. If you want to expand your skills or experience, they will find assignments to round out your CV, expose you to new tech, and meet great mentors. If you accept a locum tenens assignment and encounter a problem, your recruiter will want to know and help. 

Working with Annashae Can Help You Make the Most of Your Medical Career. 

Our Nationwide Medical Staffing and Consulting Firm offers skilled clinicians life-changing opportunities to provide critical care in a variety of practice settings. Connect with an expert recruiter to explore healthcare opportunities with competitive compensation, travel and lodging support, and scheduling flexibility. Partner with Annashae today!