Are You About to Start Your Physician Career?

Are You About to Start Your Physician Career

Are You About to Start Your Physician Career?

Congratulations—you made it! 

It was a long haul through medical school, licensure, and residency (and possibly a fellowship) but you’re ready to officially begin your medical career. What’s next? 

Many doctors discover the benefits of locum tenens work early in their careers. Locum tenens means “to hold a place” and refers to doctors who serve in temporary positions. Sometimes they cover a vacation or planned absence, or they fill in while a hospital or care facility is finding a new, permanent physician. 

It’s possible for physicians to negotiate their own locum tenens assignments but many doctors work with specialized healthcare staffing and recruiting firms to have access to a wide variety of locums opportunities with the best pay.  

Consider these 3 reasons to partner with a recruiter as you begin your career journey: 


Physician recruiters have deep knowledge of the industry. They will be familiar with your specialization able to recommend appropriate practice settings in varied locations. If you are looking to broaden your skills and knowledge base, a physician recruiter will be able to find assignments in adjacent specialties. You’ll benefit from their contacts and insider knowledge, possibly even finding out about desirable opportunities before they are advertised. 

Access to Multiple Opportunities 

Your time is valuable, and a recruiter can help you find the right assignment quickly by accessing their network of opportunities. They can accommodate your busy schedule while finding a great match for your skills, schedule, and lifestyle. While it might take you weeks to narrow down locums options, a recruiter has easy access to multiple opportunities. Since the recruiters’ fees are paid by the hiring organization, it costs you nothing, and can save you considerable time and effort. 

Licensing and Credentialing Assistance 

Many physician recruiters and locum tenens agencies offer support to their clinicians during the complicated process of licensing and credentialing, another time and money saver. Many locum tenens agencies have experience with the process and how long it takes in different states. Their help with the process ensures that you can start your assignment on time. 

Annashae connects physicians with clients within the healthcare industry.  

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