How Locum Tenens Salary Works for Physicians

How Locum Tenens Salary Works for Physicians

How Locum Tenens Salary Works for Physicians

The term “locum tenens” refers to a physician or advanced practice provider who fills in for another clinician temporarily. Locum tenens means “to hold the place of,” and many physicians work locum jobs to make extra money, enjoy a flexible schedule, or travel the country.

Salaries for locums are determined by several factors, including:

Demand. Facilities are often willing to pay more for a specialty in high demand. The market fluctuates, but the current need is high for psychiatrists, OB/GYNs, and family medicine physicians.

Location. Geographic location and type of facility play a role in salary. Generally, rural areas that have trouble attracting qualified physicians are willing to pay higher compensation rates.

Patient volume. Assignments with a higher patient workload tend to pay more than those with a slower pace.

Type of assignment. Locum tenens assignments can span a few days, several months, or years. Physicians who work holidays, weekends, or extra on-call hours can earn a higher pay rate.

On average, the salary for locum tenens physicians is higher than for physicians in other types of practice. Locum physicians can expect to make more than their full-time counterparts in the same specialty.

Locum tenens physicians often work with a staffing company to secure the best positions and compensation. When healthcare facilities need clinicians to cover gaps, they reach out to locum tenens agencies. The locums staffing agency will then work to find a great match for both parties.

Once a position has been accepted, the healthcare facility pays the locum tenens agency for finding a practitioner and helping with things like credentialing, malpractice insurance, travel issues, and housing. The staffing agency is responsible for paying the physician’s salary.

How do physicians use locum tenens work to make more money?

Physicians accept locum tenens work for a variety of reasons. Some choose to make a full-time career of back-to-back assignments, while others select occasional assignments to supplement their income. Because of the flexible nature of locum tenens work, physicians can make extra money by accepting locum positions:

  • Before taking a permanent job
  • In between full-time positions
  • On weekends
  • On vacations
  • During the evenings
  • To cover on-call hours for colleagues

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