Is the Locum Tenens Lifestyle For You?

Is the Locum Tenens Lifestyle For You?

Is the Locum Tenens Lifestyle For You?

The locum tenens lifestyle can be an attractive option for doctors at all stages of their careers.

Newly graduated residents can hone their skills, travel, and gain exposure to various practice settings to help them decide what kind of role best suits them.

Doctors in an established practice can earn extra money to pay down loans or save up to make a large purchase.

Physicians near retirement can work locums to ease into a more relaxed pace while still using their skills.

Some deciding factors for healthcare professionals deciding if locum tenens work is right for them include:

Flexibility. Locum tenens physicians can choose which assignments they want to take. They can base their decision on geography, length of the assignment, population statistics, or anything important to them. This flexibility allows a locum to work as little or as much as they like.  Some locums prefer a week on/week off schedule. Others enjoy taking summers off to spend with their families. Locum tenans professionals who enjoy winter sports could work in snowy areas or work less during the winter.

High compensation. There is no “working your way up to partner” with locum tenens roles. are paid according to their experience level, and often the pay is higher than what they would make in a permanent private practice. Some clinicians earn extra income for working overtime or putting in on-call hours. In some cases, travel costs are reimbursed, and locums receive a stipend for meals and incidentals.

Travel. Although many locum tenens physicians accept roles close to home, travel can be an exciting factor in choosing locum work. Doctors who long to see the country—or the world—but still need to pay the bills can choose assignments in places they want to visit. Working as a locum is a great way to expand their personal roadmap for those who love change and enjoy adapting to new settings (and are credentialed in that state).

Exposure to different practice settings. For those just beginning their career, working locum tenens can help them find their place in the medical community. Exposure to hands-on training, supervisory capacities, different doctors’ techniques, and unique patient care situations can provide valuable training. Doctors with experience can broaden their skillsets in other medical specialties by choosing assignments based on their interests.

More patient time, less paperwork. Locum tenens physicians are often asked to do less administrative and office policy work than full-time physicians in a similar role. Less admin time means more time with patients. For doctors heavily invested in practicing “pure medicine,” this can be an attractive benefit of working locum tenens.

The lifestyle possibilities of locum tenens work are as varied as the roles in the healthcare industry. With a little bit of creative thinking, locum work could complement the physicians’ schedules at any point in their career.

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